What is the difference between the Gua Sha and a roller?

Gua shas target the skin tissue deeper than rollers. It also provides a manual lymphatic drainage, releases facial, jaw and other tensions. The gua sha also lifts and contours the skin.  

How do I clean my Gua Sha stone?

We recommend cleansing with water and a gentle soap.

Pro tip: every full moon take your stones for a “moon bath”, lay them on a natural surface and let them absorb the moon’s energy for a full recharge.

Can my Gua Sha break?

It is a semi-precious stone, it can break upon impact. The stone is very durable but we recommend keeping it on a soft surface to avoid breakage.

What is the difference between each stone?

Check our "the art of the stones" tab for more information and finding your ideal stone.

Can I use my Gua Sha on dry skin?

No, for the Gua Sha to glide smoothly onto to your skin, you need a facial oil, or a very hydrating cream. 

When is the skincare line launching?

Coming soon, fall 2021.